All work is play, so the more fun you have the more success you will have. This goes for your everyday work but it applies even more if you are into presenting and dealing with the media. Learn how to surprise yourself and your audience too, win them over by using EQ combined with IQ. This is all I've been doing for more than 20 years in the TV programs I have presented throughout this period.

I bet this works for you too, don't you think? I would love to show you how!
Work is play for me and that's why I enjoy it so much. I call it Business Happiness and honestly, I don't see enough of it in my own environment, not yet. Business Happiness is fuelled by a genuine interest in others, by curiosity, enthusiasm, and a talent for improvisation. It springs from the desire to switch off the IQ button every once in a while, and switch on the EQ and SQ (spiritual quotient) buttons. It comes about by daring to think outside the box, and by opening your eyes to the fact that everyone is unique in his or her own right, that we all have our own way of making the world a little prettier.

My activities in the media world span more than 20 years, during which I have been active in the public media as a show host and presenter of entertainment shows, news programs and scientific programs for Dutch networks such as RTL4, SBS, TROS, Veronica, and NTR. In this period I have seen with my own eyes which people are really able to reach out to their public, and who are truly affecting their audience. Presenting is an art form where no strict rules apply. Nevertheless, you can still learn how to do it, as long as you are offered the right guidance. And... I'm the one who can offer you this, like nobody else can!

For more than 12 years I have coached and guided business people; boards of trustees, executives, sales managers, entrepreneurs, and other presenters, and helped them perform and present better (and with more fun). During my International Marketing Management studies I have acquired the tools which enable me to translate your strong points into the pure oxygen that will kick-start your company's strategic development.

By using your individual and personal talents you and I will develop a unique "personal golden frame" that will give you more support and confidence in everything you do. The result: better performance and lots of extra business happiness!

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Business presentations
Being able to hold a decent business presentation or chairing a meeting is a very specific skill, and luckily many CEOs and business managers are starting to realise this. All too often, lots of money (and effort) is spent on finding a nice location and on decorations. In most cases, the message that needs to come across is fairly clear and well-defined. How come they fail to succeed in conveying their message so often? Easy... it's because something is missing; for all sorts of reasons, they fail to make real contact with their audience.

As a skilled Master of Ceremony (impartial chairperson and discussion mediator) I'm in a unique position to make sure the speakers and their audience actually and genuinely interact with each other. Not by just transmitting a message, but primarily by being sincere and carefully listening to the speakers and addressing the comments made by the public. This is the way I create the optimum momentum to really let your message sink in, and I'm passionate about it. Presenting with a considerable dose of EQ and SQ (instead of relying on IQ alone), that’s what I call it and this is my favourite occupation, for over 20 years now! If you wish, I can organise one or more coaching sessions prior to the event, together with you or even with all the other speakers at this event; I will provide lots of useful suggestions for turning your speeches into lively and stirring presentations. Even more success guaranteed, and also a lot of fun to do!

Let's take a look at it together and find out how I can lend wings to your business meetings! Just contact me, and we will discuss what we need to do to make the difference.

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Personal & business coaching
We all have our own ways of dealing with tension, adversity, fear, and success. We often use this experience to our benefit, to help us evolve, but this doesn't always work; sometimes these issues will block the way we perform, instead of helping us. Why is that so? This is a highly personal matter... you will only find out by doing some genuine soul-searching! And ... I would be very happy to accompany you on this quest.

In my coaching program (according to the PMA method) I will teach you how your "mental system" works. This way, you will become an objective bystander, able to look at your own way of thinking and acting. You will see that this insight will help you become more self-confident in your life... both feet firmly grounded! It will help you take pride in your own authenticity, and let you use this to grow even further. Furthermore, it will create a comfortable place within yourself, which you will immediately perceive and which will encourage you to make the important decisions in your life differently, more in line with your true self.

By acquiring a better insight in your own personality it will become easier for you to translate your vision into the strategic decisions you need to make for your company. In this way you will provide yourself and your company with more oxygen, and that's what you need for making positive changes.

Have you become curious in what way I can help you? Just contact me , and we will discuss what we need to do to make the difference.

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In company presentation & media training
As a speaker, you will need to tap into your resources if you want to be a good presenter, or give an adequate interview; it's hard work. Just think back to the first speech in elementary school. The pressure you feel, the strain because you do not want to fail in that single, crucial moment... In your role as representative of your company you need to be firmly grounded, but you also need to be able to deliver the message to your audience, in a way that truly affects them.

A fixed format for successful presentations simply doesn't exist. And... you will surely be aware of the fact that thrilling presentations or great interviews are a rare thing. Speakers often ruin it all by using an existing story, a well-known format or medium, instead of telling their own story. If you want your presentation to make a lasting impression you need to make it your own story and bring it across in a way that suits you, that makes you feel comfortable. I’ll be glad to help you do this!

By making use of your individual and personal talents, together we will develop a unique "personal golden frame" that will give you more support and confidence in everything you do. This is a great way of dealing with the usual tension that goes with a presentation, and transforming it into pure energy, to reach out to your audience. The result: a better performance, better interviews, and a large amount of extra business happiness!

Let's take a look at it together and find out how we can lend wings to your presentation and interview techniques! Get in touch with me and I'll explain to you how exactly the "personal golden frame" works, and what is in it for you.

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Would you like to know how I can be of assistance? Or would you like to learn more about my methods? I would love to hear from you, just fill in the e-mail form.

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